P-Square is back: Here is a quick review of their newest songs, ‘Jaiye’ & ‘Find Somebody.’


P-Square is back: Here is a quick review of their newest songs, 'Jaiye' & 'Find Somebody.'

A legend will always be a legend.

This irrepressible and tremendous duo will forever be a Lollapalooza and a juggernaut even if they decide to drop the mic today.

Their new songs are so euphonious and splendiferously sensational. They left me in a tragicomical mood (My emotions were mixed between tears and happiness), evoking this euphoric nostalgia.
It is just like they never left.

Jaiye” is an eclectic blend of old classic and amapiano.
Find somebody” has to be my favorite of the two magical jams; so emotional and soul-permeating.

I love that they never disavowed or obliterated their trademark sound, their uniqueness, and authenticity.

Their idiosyncratic groove is what makes them quintessential and inimitable.

I have missed their sound and style for too long, and it is abysmally preposterous and indecipherable, while some discombobulated and musically deficient clowns want them to sound like the new school artists.

Imagine such an opprobrious and ignominious mentality.

It’s just like expecting JayZ, Snoop Dogg, Jcole, and other OGs to sound like Lil baby, Roddy Rich.

Let me use African Artistes as an example gratia. Do you expect Daddy Shockey to sound like naira Marley just to romance your aggrandized ego? People are really in$ane.

Nigerians, as usual, will never fail to depict their tyrannical demeanor.

Nigerians will always want to control everything you do.

People saying P-Square style is atavistic and opulent are not just crass ignorant but also preponderantly Fatuous.

Their judgment of those two songs shows their level of musical Perspicacity and coherence.

I expected skeptics, objurgatory, and cynics to feast on their meal, but I never expected to heighten their fatuity in this manner.

This is all they know how to do, criticize and air their impertinent opinions.

If P-Square had changed their style, these same critics spewing baloney and balderdash would still berate their songs.

Watch these songs thrive and watch these same garrulous and loquacious homosapiens come back to eulogize it.


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  1. Olubisi Simeon Blessing says:

    This music was so sweet

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